Who would DARE become the importer to launch the French legend?

This cuvée Cyrano de Bergerac® is a tribute to the legendary hero of the tragy-comedy written in verse by Edmond Rostand and still played today. Starring a great man with colourful and flamboyant character, the play is closely based on a French poet and duelist, living during the 17th century, Savinien II de Cyrano de Bergerac who has inevitably his roots along the Dordogne river, in Bergerac.
Established since 1587, one hour drive East from Bordeaux, his cousins are still living there. Thus over seventeen generations, a great deal of expertise in wine growing and making has been accumulated, to offer you pleasant and fruity French wines remaining faithful to the "nose" and "panache" of our renowned cousin!

Antoine de Corbiac, Owner

Cyrano de Bergerac SARL
Château de Corbiac - Pécharmant - Route de Corbiac - 24100 Bergerac - France
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